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Lack of interest SelectedId in XenForo_Model_Node::getNodeOptionsArray



It would be great, if we could pass also an array with selectedIds to the getNodeOptionsArray method.

     * Fetches an array suitable as source for admin template 'options' tag from nodes array
     * @param array Array of nodes, including node_id, title, parent_node_id and depth keys
     * @param integer NodeId of selected node
     * @param mixed Add root as the first option, and increment all depths by 1 to show indenting.
     *     If 'true', the root node will be entitled '(root node)', alternatively, specify a string to use
     *  as the option text.
     * @return array
    public function getNodeOptionsArray(array $nodes, $selectedNodeId = 0, $includeRoot = false)


I agree!
I have just been looking into creating a multiple select option, but it would be nice if this feature was available as part of the code base.