Lack of interest Select multiple prefixes for action

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Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Currently you can select multiple prefixes for action, but the only action allowed is to copy settings from an existing one to them.
I would like to see the ability to also select multiple prefixes and mass remove them in the quickset options (preferably with a prompt to confirm the deletion).
Further action(s) like mass moving them to another category might also be beneficial.

Case in point.. I'm redoing the layout of my forum and need to remove about 280 prefixes, and am currently having to do that one at a time after removing them from their prefix category and into the ungrouped one. Would be much quicker (and cleaner) to be able to select multiple to delete at one go.

I did a search on multiple|delete|prefixes and delete|prefix and got no search return so not sure if this has been suggested before.
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