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Add-on Seeking Quote: Usergroup Upgrade/Downgrade based on number and timeframe of posts in specific forums

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by Live Free, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Live Free

    Live Free Active Member

    I'm looking for a quote for a modification that can do the following:
    • Upgrade a user to Usergroup A if they've made X posts in any of Y forums, in the past Z days
    • If a user falls out of the above specified criteria (not having X posts in those forums in the past Z days), then they will automatically be downgraded to their previous usergroup
    • If a user is upgrade to Usergroup A, they can be upgraded to Usergroup B if they meet stricter criteria of U posts in Y forums in the past V days. (this could simply be more posts in the past Z days or a certain number posts over a larger timespan)
    • This will likely be used in conjunction with Custom Fields by Waindigo. Otherwise, point one will need the additional criteria of only counting posts of
    • I'd like a developer who's willing to upgrade this to 1.3 once it's released.

    I'm also looking for a second add-on to be developed:
    • Should notify members of X usergroups when there is a thread posted by Y user groups in Z forums that hasn't received W replies by U user groups
    • Should allow users to opt out of notification through XF notification system
    • Notification through XF notification system
    • Notification through moderator/admincp-style bar, if possible.

    There may be slight alternations to these requirements. Please PM me with any questions and with your quote. Thanks!!

    Edit: Would this have been more appropriately posted in the Resource/Add-on Requests forum? Thought I was posting there.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2014

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