XF 1.4 security questions


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Hi all,

I have a domain on Planethoster and some basic protections but my questions are the following:

Crawlprotect needed?
What can I secure to avoid issues?

I have deleted the folder "install" and have a basic protection on my host which is integrated with the offer...

Thanks for your support,


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Never heard of Crawlprotect, but XenForo is pretty secure out of the box.

The most common precaution is to protect the data and internal_data directories from being accessed externally. That can be done with .htaccess or nginx rules. I think the .htaccess file included with XenForo already does this.


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You don't specifically need to do anything.

I wouldn't recommend removing the \install directory - it is required for certain operations.


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Ah ok, not necessary to protect some files like admin.php or htaccess?

If yes, I actually have a numerical value of 644 so I don't know if I need to change this or not?

I already removed the folder "install"