Security Oversight


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Indeed, having it restored within the next 30minutes - Reasons to why can be seen within the customer support thing - They're aware.


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You have quite a few sections there buddy. I always think you should start out small and alleviate the pressure of filling every section with unique fresh content daily. Good luck.


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It's a clean and professional looking design, well done on that side of it. As a community I'm not keen on the empty forums (see Crayo's post above), the 14,000+ members looks a bit odd, and the link to Xenforo is still not in the footer.


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Already, though? Even 14,000+ seems a bit much. I looked at members and some of them are registered in 2010... so maybe an import of users from another (defunct?) forum?
User import, possibly. But many of those user names are definitely what you'd see with a bot.