XF 1.5 "Security error occurred. Please press back, refresh the page, and try again."



I have encountered this error on my forum, and it specifically happens when I try to "purchase cart" after adding products to my cart.

When i select "purchase cart" and it contains guides that must be paid for, that error page comes up. If I add the FREE Cheats Guide i have to the cart and "purchase cart", it goes through. This security error happens only when purchasing a guide that has a $ value on it. When you are in the cart and press the green button to purchase the guides, it gives an error.

Any idea what could be causing this?



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As that's from an add-on, you'll need to post in the related add-on thread for guidance. We don't know what's happening in their form.

Tracy Perry

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You are a brave individual @SimsVIP to still continue running code from that author in Vietnam that is banned here. Several people have had issues with his code and suspect that it was used in the process of their server/site being hacked.
In case you are wondering who it is, it's the last ones in your copyright line on your site.