secondry password system


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as you all knows xenforo system is very hard to integrate with any other CMS
so could someone make an addom that do the follows
1.create a new table in the xenforo database
2. this table contain the username , Password
field for user name
field for password which is to be set randomly at first , ( user does not know it )


in this mene a new option should show ( set your secondry pass word ) where this phrase can be changed latter on from phrases to anything , for example ( set your chat password )

* the password can be different from the original xenforo password

the whole point is to help integrating xenforo with other system easily

because now xenforo does not have the user name and password in the same table
and the password in xenforo is complicated

by the way the new password system should be clean without any complication ( that the whole point of the addon

what do you think