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In the search function, I would like to know if it is possible to search for the word in long string.

When I try to search by the "happy" or "test", the xenforo search engine cannot identified all the post.
(Fail) happy_test_abcdefg
(Pass) happy-test-abcdefg

Would you please advise if full text searching in xenforo could also capable those situation ?


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You can potentially use * for a wildcard, but what you're after isn't something that the search engine tries to really do. Sub-string matches like that are not good for performance.


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Thx Mike for the quick reply and advise.

Using wildcard can handle the sub-string search, but the keyword had not been highlighted in the result list.

My idea is to build a website which requires to handle plenty of searching enquiry.
So, beside the sub-string search, I had checked xenforo would allow to adjust the "search minimun length" by admin setting and "ft_word_min_len" in MySQL database in the previous post.

Xenforo is my prefer option because of XenForo Enhanced Search. I am confident that the search system can obtain higher performance than other forum software.

In the my early stage,
Because I am doing the feasibility study and don't have the source code of xenforo, I think the wildcard search can be easily adopted by:

1. locate the .php file for the search function
2. find out the variable for the looking up string
3. if it is the single string, append * at head and tail
4. submit the search as normal


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Thx digitalpoint.
It's so great.

I would pay more effort to study the Xenforo Enhance Search.

To Xenforo staff,
Is XF Enhance Search enable in 3 day demo ?