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XF 1.5 Search users by birth date?


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One of our admins noticed that there's no field for birth date on the admin panel 'Search for Users' page. Is there a way to add that?

Or might I have hidden it by accident? It seems like every other field is there but that one.


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Is there a reason it's not included (that would make custom development difficult) or is it just a random exclusion?


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I don't think I've seen a request for searching by birth date before. It's not particularly clear how exactly it would work (especially with optional birth years).
Bumping for relevance. We have a rather large community and being able to search for members by birth date criteria would be immensely useful in recognizing Birthdays in our monthly newsletter. Any word on a development?



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In case anyone else might be looking, here's the SQL;
select * from xf_user_profile where dob_month = 12 and dob_day = 01;
select username, dob_day from xf_user 
  inner join xf_user_profile on xf_user_profile.user_id = xf_user.user_id 
  inner join xf_user_option on xf_user_option.user_id = xf_user.user_id 
where dob_month = 10 and is_banned = 0 and user_state = 'valid' and show_dob_year = 1 
order by dob_day asc;
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