XF 2.2 Search returns no results


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I am new to Xenforo, having installed it a couple of weeks ago.

For some reason, I cannot get a search to return anything. I Just get this:
"No results found."

I am using the included search function, not XenForo Enhanced Search (XFES).

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you, Andy. That fixed the problem.

I did not see anything in the Xenforo documentation on this subject. The information you provided will likely benefit others.

Your help is appreciated,

Based on the size of your site, presumably you imported from other software.

There is a notice in the ACP once the import has completed informing you that you must rebuild various things, including the search index.
Yes we moved to Xenforo from phpbb. I did not personally do the Xenforo install/import...we hired a person to do that. So I did not see any notice in the ACP.

I wonder what other "various things" I need to rebuild. Are those listed somewhere?
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