XF 2.1 Search posts by members of custom usergroup


I have spent the last two hours searching Google for a way to search for posts by members of a particular usergroup, to no avail.

Basically, I want to create a "Dev Posts" link in the navigation bar that will lead to a search results page that displays recent posts by members of the "Devs" custom usergroup.

I did a manual advanced search that produced the search results page I wanted, by adding all the members of the Devs usergroup into the "Posted by" search field. However, it appears that search results URLs are only viewable by the user who performed the search, so I cannot use that URL for my desired "Dev Posts" link.

I have had no luck finding any add-ons (paid or free) that provide similar functionality, nor any information on how to accomplish this.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!


Thanks for the quick response.

You say that usergroups are not exposed to the front end or search system, but users are. Is there a way to be able to share the search results page? It seems that XenForo by default only allows the user who initiated the search to view the search results page URL.

Alternatively, is there perhaps a way to modify the New Posts widget to only pull results for a particular usergroup?