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Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to create automated links to searches.

On my forums, people sell trading cards in a specific sub-forum. They use a standard format in their posts to list what cards they have. And on my website's front page, I have scans of every possible card. When someone looks at a scan, I want to have a link they can click to run the search for that card to see who has it on the forums. To compile the link, I would just use the card name from the database and edit that into the link so that there is a search link to XF.

So let's say a forum user lists they have a "ABC Baseball Card" in their thread, which is in X forum (let's say node 25). On my front page, could I have some sort of automated link like this, which I could edit for any card? Baseball Card&t=post&o=date&c[node]=25

The problem now is that it seems I can't really make automated links because each search result has a unique ID. So is there some way to be able to make automated links that will run when someone clicks them and which can be customized for any search term to run a new search for that item?

Thank you!


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