Search forums Feedback (2.2 rc2)


I played around for over a month with the new search forum option. I have to say, this is really interesting and i can see much potential. Unfortunately i had to stop using search forums because for me its missing a few important things i needed.

I like to give my feedback.

I love the easy way the setup works.
I love that, by default, you don't have to worry about google indexing a search forum.
I also love all the criteria's you can set. So many, its just great.
I also think the performance is great. It loads fast.
If you made your own custom fields you can even use them as criteria. That is just great.

Now 3 points i think could be addressed and is the reason why in the end, after long testing, i will not use search forums.
  1. If we somehow can get the cap of 1k threads removed and have this way higher that would be great. Yes i know it has to do with performance but as it stands now, 1k is way to less.
  2. If we could get a AND/OR option for the criterias that would help a lot. In many case i like to show more then 1 prefix/tag in 1 search forum. As its made now we cant do that. We can only show threads that have the prefixes/tags combined. I think on many forums this will not be how they like to use it.
  3. If we could see sort options in the filter on the front page that would also help a lot.

1 small point is noticed that can be a issue for people that dont know this.
  1. In the Thread criteria on the Tags line its missing the note that you need to separate tags with a coma. I know, its a small point but hey, testing is testing.

I hope this helps a bit. I know many of you will have your own opinion about all the points but at least i shared my toughs.
I like to end by saying that i recently came to Xenforo. The reason i did is because i love how out of the box the developers (can) think. Search forums is a example of this. Also i like how helpful this community is. Thank you all!
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