Lack of interest Seamless integration of XFMG? Video uploads to threads?


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My problems:

1. YouTube videos constantly being removed and I want to host my own videos.
2. My users won't upload videos to MG, THEN post to the threads. It's one or the other and 99% they stick to threads.

My needs:
1. Is there any chance EVER that we can permit users to upload videos to threads?
2. Can we have an ad manager for videos? If we host videos and people share them on social media, then we MUST have an advert in there to help cover the hosting expense. Even if it's a basic pre-roll banner ad to start with. I can definitely say I made a NICE income on the most simple banner ad with my old video site.

My idea:
1. Seamless integration of MG and XF?
- whenever users upload pics/vids to threads/posts, the media is managed by the media gallery instead of the attachment manager. Uploading a file now pushes it to the media page as well (just use file name or thread title as media title and file type or prefix as category, or use tags somehow).

2. User can skip going to the media section, using the site becomes easier and more media rich.
3. Instead of commenting on media directly, there could be URLS under each media (on the media page) showing where the media was used in conversation. Rather than accumulate comments on media, you can help gather higher post counts and a more interesting experience for users.

This all made sense in my head, not sure if I worded things correctly, but the goal is to permit users to upload media in threads and skip going to the media page. Just looking for ways to make things super easy for users, because I've tried the media page for months and they literally refused to use it.

Enter sad face here :(


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Found it...

I like the concept. That's pretty much what imgur does, except their pics are ranked by popularity.

So maybe this could happen:

XFMG kinda becomes the attachment manager, or we get a way to display attachments on a "media" page, or both.

It could work like this:
- have a page that displays ALL attachments based on popularity of thread views, randomly, or in order they're uploaded.
-- can filter by picture/video/views/replies/thread tags
- video uploads need to be permitted in threads. With how easy social media is, it only makes sense to permit video uploads directly to a thread. Posting them to a separate "media" page, then back to the thread, takes too many steps.

- No more comments on media = more concentrated conversations in the threads. Having people comment on media took away from post counts. It was like having conversations on another page of the site, rather than having it in the nodes.
- Post/thread stats increase.
- higher page views because curious users see a media, then see the conversation, then possibly join the convo.
- easier for users to upload videos to threads, or post a new thread with a video.
- Browsing this version mimics Imgur a little bit, which is insanely popular and social. It would be like combining some aspects of a social image/video site with that of a forum. Hybrid forum/social media?

- anyone running a photography site with photo albums may not like this. Instead of "albums" maybe we can filter results based on tags or prefixes. OR, upon uploading an image/video to a thread, the user can add a tag to their media. There's probably an intelligent way to organize all media by a user, such as a link on their profile that says "All Media by User."
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