School or self taught?


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I was just wondering if most coding/programmers writing forum code are formally educated in it or self taught? It seems so utterly complicated and I have the utmost respect for people who can do this. I can't stay awake long enough to get through the first page of learning this stuff. LOL And why is it so dang complicated? Much respect to those who understand the vast and complicated world of coding and take the time to help others who haven't got a clue. :)



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Over the years I’ve used a hybrid approach: Laracasts, Tom McFarlin’s website, the PHP manual, this site, looking at add-ons, and asking lots of questions. The XenForo Developer Document is also a great resource.


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I'm almost completely self taught. I do have a degree in web design, but most of the knowledge I was taught in school was stuff I'd known for years. More recently I've been learning Laravel for work and Laracasts has been one of the best resources I've used.
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I've been taught a few basics at school and (the same stuff) again at the first semester of my IT bachelors degree, but other than that I am completely self-taught. Other than that one introductory class, University expected us to be well-versed in coding anyway and schools here rarely offer such courses, so I take an educated guess that most of the people around me at university were too. I comparatively rarely meet people that actually had some in-depth classes over the course of their educational career that taught them more than the few basics to get started with. But I think it's just as with most things. If you have the required affinity, all you really need are the basics (of course more is always good). From there on, you will find your way to teach yourself the rest over the course of the time, given that you put in enough effort.