SchmitzIT upgrade services (XenForo and Add-ons)


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As a forum administrator, you are undoubtedly busy with the everyday cycle of keeping the forums running and ensuring questions from customers are answered. Seeing most forums run several add-ons in order to make their members’ lives easier, chances are that you are not running the latest version of the add-ons, which could mean your forum is vulnerable to security issues that were addressed in newer versions, or that you are missing out on the latest cool features.

SchmitzIT has a solution for you. Let *us* take care of ensuring your forum and add-ons are up-to-date!

We will keep track of what new updates are out for the add-ons you commissioned us to administrate on your behalf, and when a new version comes out, we will install it for you within 5 working days *.

Annual subscription cost for the program: 25 USD
Annual cost per add-on upgrade: 60 USD **

Should you wish to use our services, we will have to be supplied with admin access to your forums, and the permission to manage add+ons, as well as FTP-cPanel access to your server so we can upload files. Your credentials will be stored in a SchmitzIT internal encrypted database to ensure your credentials are safe.

* We choose not to install new versions immediately, to prevent bugs in the new release from affecting your forums. Waiting a few days will ensure that bugs with installation or upgrading are caught. In case we foresee not meeting the 5 day goal due to foreseen or unforeseen circumstances (vacation , family emergencies, force majeur, etc.), we will notify you of this.

** This is regardless of the amount of updates an add-on gets during the year. If an add-on gets updated once a year, it's 60 USD. If an add-on is updated 20 times, you still pay only 60 USD.

All prices are excluding 25% VAT (applicable for EU customers only).


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With the upcoming releases of XenForo 1.1.4 and 1.2, as well as the Resource Manager, and undoubtedly the updating of add-ons following those releases, our upgrade services are a great way to ensure that your forum will continue running with all new features, allowing you to focus on managing your community.


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You can send me a PC with exactly what add-ons you want to have supported, and I'll prepare a Paypal invoice for you :)

Party on Garth!


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if i pay $25 dollar per year..i need not pay more for anything ?
what if customization is along with it ?
No, the 25 USD is a yearly base fee. On top of that, there's 60 USD per add-on per year.

What do you mean by "customization", exactly? Do you mean configuration, or styling? Neiether of the two would be covered by this. This offering is purely for upgrading the add-ons (uploading files, and then updating the add-on from your admin panel).