Schizophrenic favicon


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So I uploaded my favicon to the File Manager when I first set up the forum, but then changed the logo. So needed a different favicon. I made a new favicon - went to file manager, deleted the old one uploaded the new one.

My computer was still showing the old one so a bit of googling told me to clear the cache and do the odd thing to force the browser to recognise the new one (I think it was control, alt and something else).

That worked. The following day the old favicon appeared - now it keeps randomly being one or the other! I'm not quite sure how I can just get it to stick with the new favicon! Presumably any members, who bookmark the site for the first time, will just get the new one. Because the old one was deleted.

Any suggestions to make it behave? What's also not great is I don't even like the new one now and wanted to change it again!
If you have deleted the original then can only be loading from cached pages or something, had similar in the past with favicon and can take a couple days to sort itself out
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