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[SC] BB Code YouTube 1.0.0

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SyTry submitted a new resource:

[SC] BB Code YouTube - Add the BB Code [YTID] on your forum

Description :
  • This add-on allow you to add the BB Code [YTID] on your forum.
Feature summary :
  • Style properties :
    • Layout :
      • Full
      • Default
    • Theme :
      • Dark
      • Light
    • Count :
      • Default
      • Hidden
Branding :
  • This add-on does not include branding.
Installation :
  • Download and unzip it.
  • Copy the src/addons/SyTryC/BbCodeYouTube...

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I don't understand the purpose of this.

Under what circumstances would you want to use this?:
My bad, I forgot to add more screen ! This add-on add a BBCode to show a subscribe button for your channel (or another one) in your posts/threads ;)
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