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Hello- I am shutting down my forum. My Facebook group has pretty much replaced the forum. Is there a way to save the entire site in case I wanted to ever go live again?

Pretty much what Tracy said. Find a safe place to stash the archives, of course, maybe a cloud drive or external media of some kind since a local PC hard drive always has the risk of you changing computer and forgetting to move the data over.

How are FB groups these days? I bailed from anything to do with Meta years ago now but at the time, FB groups still were not as usable for me as a good forum.
I understand the problem with online communities in light of social networks. But Facebook is not remotely a replacement. There are minimal controls, and jumping from thread to thread to look at discussions isn't convenient. It's unfortunate, and I imagine providers of traditional online communities, such as XenForo, are suffering.
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