Sale and Transfer of XF License


Searched first and found nothing so here goes.

In the event XenForo is found not to suit my needs (yes it could happen) will it be possible to sell and transfer the license?

What are the guidelines in doing so? I.E. How long do I need to wait after the initial purchase.

I would not expect this to be an option during the beta period.


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The specifics have not been worked out yet.

I could just say assume that transferred aren't allowed and be pleasantly surprised if they are? :cool: (I'm not saying that's how it will be, just a joke)


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I wont wish to transfer my license. If XF turns out not to be for me, then I'll just wait a few months until it is :)
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There are reasons for wanting to transfer a licence other than just to sell it. Perhaps charging an administration fee might be an option. It is a facility I'd like to see if possible.


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If a member wants to sell their license, they should be allowed to. This way the license at least holds some value.