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Run a script to give me all user's email address

Discussion in 'Server Configuration and Hosting' started by VLEPSC, Feb 4, 2014.


    VLEPSC Member


    Occassionally I email all of my users. Sometimes I have to include attachments. Since you can't make attachments using the XF email user interface I wanted to query the database for an email list.

    Is there a routine or something I can run which can extract this information from my database?
  2. Smooth

    Smooth Active Member

    You can get the admin CP to give you a list of email addresses only in 'Email Users' :)

    VLEPSC Member

    Yes, but it also gives me the user name next to it. I need to try to paste all of that into Outlook and see if it removes the user names automatically.
  4. Smooth

    Smooth Active Member

    In that case if you don't need the usernames, just paste into excel and remove the second column :)

    VLEPSC Member

    Thank you Smooth. Actually, Outlook automatically removed the names. Boy that saved a lot of work.
    Smooth likes this.
  6. Smooth

    Smooth Active Member

    No worries. Have a look at doing the mailshot in word or similar - you could get it to do something cool like:

    Hi <<username>>

    This is your forum admin here....

    with the <<username>> automatically pulled from your xenforo export :)
  7. WSWD

    WSWD Well-Known Member

    You can also pull the email addresses directly from the database. It's under xf_user (or whatever prefix you are using), and email.

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