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RSS to threads in specified forums

Fred Sherman

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I'll use my site as an example for what I've looking for. We are a support community for IBM Power Systems (since 2002). IBM has different RSS feeds for News, AIX, Linux on Power, etc. I'd like to be able to subscribe to those feeds and post any new feeds in a specified forum.
For example, new items from the IBM AIX Features RSS feed (http://www.ibm.com/systems/power/aixrss.xml) gets posted to my AIX for Power Systems forum, one thread per item. The title of the item is the thread title, the description is the text of the post and it ends with a link to the full text.
I'd also like to specify a user for each feed, which becomes the user that creates the thread.
Thats my request.
I would like to also say this is a feature I very much need as well. On vB I made this happen because I used vBPortal (now gone :(). I just purchased XF (after years and years of using vB), never did go for the vB4.x software though. As a senior software engineer I just could not bring myself to continue to use the bloated spaghetti code on my server. I am VERY happy with XF so far, as a long time code monkey I can appreciate the very tight and streamlined code I have seen so far in XF. Hats off to the devs on XF, but then thats why we are all here, we knew their skills from years ago (un-tapped as they might have been at Jelsoft). I will punch down my version of this request in a few simple bullet points of features:
  • Admin interface that allows me to subscribe to a RSS feed
    • Should allow entry of
      • RSS Feed location
      • How often to poll feed
      • Node to receive threads from RSS polling (should provide drop down of existing nodes
  • Should use normal node permissions for access
  • Should parse the html of the feed to BBcode (where necessary) for foum display
I am also a long time vet of the IBM midrange platform (since as/400 was called SilverLake :)). So this request caught my eye for that reason as well as my own need for something similar. This may be a MOD request, but I think this is a feature that allows easy up-to-date content generation and therefore will be appealing to the masses since it drives more users to your forums to read the latest stuff.
Again, a big shout out to everyone at Xen, I will be here for years :)


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Great thread~

Microsoft designed a product called "montage", you can design a magazine around any topic by adding content that pulls information from a variety of sources, including RSS feeds, Twitter, and YouTube. The content is then arranged on the page in a grid format — you get to choose the exact layout — for your own consumption and for sharing with others.

Xenforo having individual feeds for users, threads, forums, and attachments would allow for users to then set up personalized pages while allowing an interested lurker to click into your site.

So while an individual displays their activity elsewhere, the content is linked directly to your community allowing an increased reach to those who may not stumble upon your site.

Since we are talking about RSS...


Fred Sherman

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I've got this working using Contentteller as my CMS? I set up several RSS feeds. They are automatically added, and categorized by the new module - it could also be staged if you so desire. As the news story is created, a forum thread is also created in the proper forum. The link on the news story to leave a comment, adds a post to the forum thread, but it is also displayed as a news comment.
It rocks.