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A member on my board has managed to successfully put together an RSS -> Email service, which has partially managed to simulate yahoo group functionality (a lot of my members liked the ability of yahoo to email every update to an email address, and it's one of the limiting factors of people moving over from an older yahoo group that the majority still use).

However it's only been a partial success - for any posts made only one e-mail was received, irrespective of how many replies were made. Looking at the RSS feed XML, it looks like it only contains the content from a posts first comment.

Was this a design decision (eg to keep the size of the RSS feed down), a limitation of xF's functionality, or can the RSS feed be changed to include details of all replies to a post??


Jake Bunce

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There is no configurable option for that. The outgoing feeds are for threads only, not posts. If you post an Add-on Request then some one may be able to write this for you.