RSS feeds in the sidebar


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I have tried Brogan's settings, it doesn't work as I want it, so please don't send me to try it :)

Here is what I want my feeds in the sidebar to do:
1. I don't want anything to slide or whatever it does in Brogan's example. Didn't know how to remove/disable that.
2. I need SEPARATE feeds in the sidebar. I don't want them all one after another.
3. They need to have at least 2 separate styles.

More details:

If you look at you'll see 3 'special' boxes:
- Featured Jobs - which I want to take the last 5 jobs from the job board script at - the script has the RSS enabled, so it should work.
- Forum Admin Articles - which should take the last 10 posts from the category
- Blog Admin Articles - again, the posts from the category.

I want the feed script to JUST LIST the posts, don't need a separate heading for the box or other stuff. It should follow one of the two styles (light grey box or light blue box). Nothing needs to move, bounce or whatever.

I presume I'll neeed 3 separate 'boxes' for this, but I have absolutely no idea how to modify Brogan's system to make work.

Can anyone give me some ideas please?
Thank you in advance for all the support :)