XF 1.2 RSS feeder


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I have some RSS feeds coming into my site. I just set up a new one (first since I upgraded to 1.2) and it shows the whole article.


Here is a different feed I have set up.


There were both posted today so now I'm guessing its the way he has his feed set up. I have my feed set at a max of 500 characters.


Is there a way to limit how much of his feed is posted or is this something on his end?



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I edited the first link (and other 4 from his site) for the owner of the feed. If you click the link you can see how long the review is and it posted it all and every picture. Good for me, not so much for him.



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That option controls your outgoing feeds.

The feed posting system will simply post what is in the RSS feed that you're reading from. There's no option on the XF end to limit the length of the feed content.