XF 1.5 RSS feed or autopost?


I am making a sales forum and i am trying to find out what the best way to autopost to twitter and facebook, is it possible to use RSS feed?

I am thinking of making a facebook page for each region in my country because i have a forum for each region, so if someone put something for sale in forum A then that post will come on Facebook page A and twitter page A.

i am thinking of buying social share addon but i am not sure if i need that or if it Works With the rss feed system?


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Unless you're looking for something to explicitly push to those services (which would require an add-on), it would need to be a separate tool that integrates with the services. It could use an RSS feed for the forum to do this (as we do present that).
Are there any guides out there that i can use to check it out? i have tried to seach but only find AddOns and 3rd part like onlywire.
I just used that guide. Its good, but couldn't figure out FB on feedburner, so I used feedburner, then that info into dlvr.it...works but maybe I added a step, I dunno.