XF 2.2 RSS feed on the forum page is broken


Need help in solving an issue related to RSS feed links.

We upgraded to XF 2.2 a few months back and post the upgrade, we have noticed that the RSS feed on Forum link is not the same as before.

Ex - https://community.simplilearn.com/ on this link, the href on RSS link is "/forums/-/index.rss" which redirects here
but on the Forum pages, the RSS Feed link on the footer is generated as "https://community.simplilearn.com/forums/post-graduate-programs.72/forums/-/index.rss" (this is throwing an error as shown in the attachment)

Is there a way we can skip appending the <forum_url>/forums/-/index.rss in the footer. The desired URL is "https://community.simplilearn.com/forums/post-graduate-programs.72/index.rss"

Thank you


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XF doesn't have a link/icon for forum specific RSS feeds, although the feed URL can be constructed manually, so whatever customisation you are using to display the link is responsible for the incorrect URL.