Fixed RSS Feed /-/index.rss wrong datetime stamps from same forum


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looked if some1 already mentioned that, but didn't found it.

if you compare

root rss feed:

1st 2 posts are from 1 forum and another posts are from a 2nd forum

1st forum:
2nd forum:

you will see that in /-/index.rss, post from same forum have exactly datetime stamps.

started wondering today why old threads are posted again onto my facebook page via rss graffiti :)

using xf 1.2.1
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Note that reports the last post date, so it may well appear multiple times.

But yes, it looks like it's based on the forum's last post date rather than the thread's.
yes, last datetime stamp will be taken from the newest thread if posts are from same forum.

so i have to stop to read rss feed which will be posted to facebook automatically :(
This is fixed now for 1.2.2. The only place where this really comes up as an issue by default is the global RSS feed, but it could be triggered by other places in if they get the forum options joined with thread records.
@Mike is there a manully fix arround (changes in any PHP files) to fix that up 2 new xenForo version is released? as i would like to refresh automaticaly always facebook site with new content(threads).
Thank you in advance!
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