XF 1.5 Routes filter not change and others problems


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Hello, i try to change some routes but they change some, not all, I followed the instructions on ( https://xenforo.com/community/threads/route-filters.47946/ )

some routes that do not change





2 ) I try translate the word : Leaderboards, in phrases, but does not change. I have come to rebuild the cache, but the same results.

can you help me plz.

Best regards.
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Which routes are you attempting to change to what?
It's not clear from your post.
What settings are you entering?

The translation appears to be related to an add-on so you should ask in the add-on thread for that.


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All phrases can be translated but as 'Leaderboards' is not part of the core, we don't know if it's a phrase, or what the phrase is, so you will have to ask the author.