XF 1.2 Route help


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Just upgraded from 1.1.4 to 1.2.2 and noticed as issue with our routes.

We have XF installed in our root directory but XenPorta was modifying the route so our forum index was domain.com/index.php?forum/

Since upgrading to 1.2.2, our forums are now at domain.com/index.php?forums/

Is there an easy way to fix this back to how it was?


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I believe this has been asked and answered several times in the xenporta thread.

I don't recall the actual solution as I don't use it.

Chris D

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Have you upgraded XenPorta yet?

I thought that would sort it. If not then definitely do that first and then create two route filters:

1) portal => index
2) index => forums


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Yes, I've upgraded XenPorta.

I've not added any route filters. For xenporta I've just put the index in Basic Board info as portal/ which puts XenPorta at the index.

Can I just add a route filter for forums -> forum or will that cause other issues? I suspect it will on the forum pages :-(


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Just to be clear it used to be:

index.php - xenporta
index.php?forum - forum index
index.php?forums/chat - our chat forum (for example)

Now its:

index.php - xenporta
index.php?forums - forum index
index.php?forums/chat - our chat forum (for example)

I'd like to get it back to how it used to be for SEO reasons, etc. there doesn't seem to be a solution in the XenPorta thread.