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Heya @Brogan @Mike - I'm about to start the export and move my (very large) forum. I have a last minute change I want to do with these route filters.

I have my site in the /forums subdirectory, so I am dealing with the forum/forums "issue". I have a lot of subforums (you can see at ultimate metal dot com / forum). Will I take a performance hit if I add a route filter to change all the individual child forums/nodes, example:

Find: forums/progpower-usa.120/
Replace: festival/progpower-usa/ (it's ok to remove the # in this instance , yes?)

Find: forums/anthrax.118/
Replace: bands/anthrax/

etc. etc.

I essentially want to categorize my child nodes as they're visually catgorized on the site (bands, festivals, zine, etc.).


I do see on the help page you have this example, but I am not sure if it is literal?

With route filters, you can make your URLs have a hierarchy as well:
  • Find: pages/parent/, replace: parent/
  • Find: pages/child/, replace: parent/child/
  • Find: pages/grandchild/, replace: parent/child/grandchild/


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Why not just add a URL portion for each forum, which will remove the period and ID?


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Why not just add a URL portion for each forum, which will remove the period and ID?
@Brogan I added that after the fact, that was a secondary question mixed in (sorry). I just looked up the URL portion you brought up, "duh!" is my response on that part :)

My main concern was the:


to any one of:


Other than adding those in manually (and possibly taking a performance hit?) I don't know of any shortcuts using the name/digit/string options to achieve that. If it drags the forum speed down I'd want to think of an alternate solution.
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