XF 1.2 Route Filters Advice


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I currently use XF 1.13 with the Route Changer add-on , I am just testing the new route filters function in 1.2 before I upgrade but am having trouble duplicating my routes in 1.2

My site is installed in the root with XenPorta, my current Route Changer settings are:
1.13: portal > index - (I have set the Index Page Route to portal/ in 1.2, this works fine)

Now I need to change the following -

http://mysite/index.php?forums/ to http://mysite/index.php?forum/
http://mysite/index.php?forums/main-forum.2/ to http://mysite/index.php?community/main-forum.2/

Is this possible in the new 1.2 Route Filters ?