XF 1.2 Route Changer Conditionals


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Is there a simple way that I can create route changer conditionals?

For example, I've got a forum that I'm styling to work as an articles section. However, the URLs are currently the standard thread format.

Instead of having the /threads/ route, I'd like to change this to /articles/ if the thread_id is in a specific node_id. Is there a simple way of doing this, other than manually adding lots of route changes manually?


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Thanks for the reply.

Do you happen to know if there are any addons that do something similar to this, or use some of the same methods, so I've got a base to start from?


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I do not. You may be able to do it with something like XenPorta, but I haven't used or seen an add-on that does it.


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Theoretically, if I prefixed the articles with something, i.e. "ARTICLEPAGE" then this would appear in the URL:

/threads/ARTICLEPAGE-Article-Title-Goes Here.57642/

Could I then use the wildcard feature to route this as follows:

/threads/ARTICLEPAGE-{name} -----> /articles/{name}

Would that work?