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I frequently see users on my big board with their avatar in the wrong position. They uploaded a picture from their phone and expected to be able to rotate it before it became visible. But Xenforo doesn't have a function to rotate avatar image. So they are stuck with an avatar thats on its size or up side down. Yes, I know the average mobile user is too helpless to use a forum. But it would be nice if we can cater to this because it happens a lot.

XenForo Media gallery already has this function, so please add it to avatars as well.


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Just to clarify, if your server has the EXIF functions available in PHP, the image will be rotated when it's uploaded to the "correct" orientation (whatever orientation it displays on their phone with). I use "correct" in quotes here because there are a few edge cases where you don't want to view the picture in a way that matches the EXIF orientation, though that is pretty infrequent.

If this isn't happening, you'll want to check that the EXIF extension is enabled in PHP.