Roleplay character sheet with preferences

So I run a roleplay community, and one of my members has come up with an amazing idea, and I was wondering if there's a plugin that does something like this.

I'm looking for a plugin that adds a tab to the user's profile, which displays their roleplay characters, if they click on a character it would show an image of the character, a description, and a list of preferences (as in, kinks). these preferences are tags that can be selected, created and modified by the users.

If you guys want an example (because i'm not the best at explaining things)
Here's an image linking to a site that does just this, but I want to bring this into a xenforo plugin: (site is not safe for work, but image is edited to be safe).

I understand if there's no plugin that does exactly this, but if there's a plugin (or a collection of plugins) that does something along these lines i'm very interested.