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Roaring 80's

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by kyrgyz, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. kyrgyz

    kyrgyz Well-Known Member

    This thread is for those who miss 80's music. Let's embed good pieces here.:)

    Here is the first one: Ride on Time by Black Box

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  2. JVCode

    JVCode Well-Known Member

    Nothing beats the 80's and 90's music.
  3. ArnyVee

    ArnyVee Well-Known Member

    One of my favorites....

  4. Kim

    Kim Well-Known Member

    Take on me - AHA

  5. Jethro

    Jethro Well-Known Member

    Be afraid ... be very afraid

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  6. kyrgyz

    kyrgyz Well-Known Member

    Should have named it Roaring 80's and 90's.
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  7. Kim

    Kim Well-Known Member

    NO.. 80's only :p
  8. kyrgyz

    kyrgyz Well-Known Member

    A little romantic dish to our revolving XenForo table: Lost In Your Eyes by Debbie Gibson

  9. Jethro

    Jethro Well-Known Member

    None of that new fangled 90s stuff in here please.
  10. erich37

    erich37 Well-Known Member

  11. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    And who can forget sex on legs *chokes*

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  12. Trip

    Trip Active Member

    Ah yes, I miss the '80's. Nothing like rocking a denim tuxedo ;)
    Kenny Loggins - Footloose
  13. kyrgyz

    kyrgyz Well-Known Member

    Easy Lover

  14. kyrgyz

    kyrgyz Well-Known Member

    Your Song

  15. Jethro

    Jethro Well-Known Member

  16. kyrgyz

    kyrgyz Well-Known Member

    This one was released in 1970. Still I can't resist posting it here. Nobody beats James Taylor!!:)

  17. kyrgyz

    kyrgyz Well-Known Member

    Caribbean Queen

  18. Jose Amaral Mota

    Jose Amaral Mota Active Member

    That is what music I am into...

    The Cure
  19. 0ptima

    0ptima Well-Known Member

  20. kyrgyz

    kyrgyz Well-Known Member

    Opposites Attract


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