Riddle me this HTML Code Batman


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Okay, that was just a sad title line. Anyway...

I'm trying to create an indented sublist within a list for our Rules page. Check out:
Scroll down to Fair Use Principal

I coded it as:
<li>The title of the source your are referencing</li>
<li>No more than three paragraphs of the quoted material; (never quote the entire article)</li>
<li>A hyperlink back to the source</li>
<li>If you cannot provide a hyperlink back to the source (for example, in such cases of a document, magazine or newspaper) please provide:</li>
<li>The name of the publication</li>
<li>Date published</li>
<li>Page number of source</li>
but HTML Validator is kicking it back saying the second <ul> is wrong.

How am I supposed to properly code this?



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Put the second ul and its contents before the closing li on the "if you cannot provide" list item.