XF 1.4 Rich Text Editor missing on some users and not others

I'm missing rich text editing buttons on some users and not others.
So I can log in on one user... see rich text editing buttons... log off... log right back on with another user... and they're gone.

I've already tried:
- Permissions and "allow" for WYSIWYG... with no success.
- Clearing Cache... nothin.
- Other browsers... no difference.
- Javascript is updated.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of where this issue could be resolved?
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The default XenForo software doesn't have user permissions for the rich text editor. Are you using an add-on?


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That's from an add-on, there are no page editor permissions in the core XenForo software.

Users can individually enable or disable the rich text editor for forum posts in their Preferences. Anything else is likely related to that add-on, in which case you will have to ask for support in the dedicated discussion thread for that add-on.