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Hi, I'm pretty sold on this platform after looking at all the big guns.
5 questions:

1. Is there a rewards feature/plugin to do this: I want to reward users for posting and replying with points. These points can be used for free stuff. Is there a way to automate this so perhaps once they reach, say 100 points, they and I are notified.

2. How are ads handled? Can we run our own ads and goodle adsense side by side? For our own ads, can we set number of ad views or maybe clicks?

3. Is it true that Xenforo is from the original vbulletin team?

4. What is the development rate, is it prolific or painfully slow?

5. Any plans to offer a cloud plan where you guys handle the server side of things for a monthly fee?



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1. There is the trophy system built in which awards trophies and points, but it would require a third party add-on to have a reward system with credits/points which can be used to purchase items.

2. There are built in ad_* templates but no ad management system. You can add your own ads and AdSense ads to the templates but setting views or clicks would require a third party add-on.

3. The three owners are, yes.

4. Steady - you can see here:

5. It has been suggested but we don't have any current plans to implement anything like that.


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@Brogan thanks for your super quick reply....very impressed :)
With regards the 3rd party plugins you mention, does that mean they exists or would I have to commission them to do what I require?

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3. The three owners are, yes.
I never knew Ashley was involved in vB, see you do learn something new every day. Always thought he was just the investor.. In fact for the longest time, I use to think KAM stood for Kier and Mike.

Thank you @Mouth
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