XF 2.1 Retain content IDs greyed out


I have built a template for my XF installation and now on the verge on importing the phpbb board for test.
I have followed the instructions in @Brogan guide and I have 0 threads/messages/posts on my board and just the single user that was created together with the board. I did configure the user and installed my styles/add-ons and language.
However, when I go to the import step, the retain contend ID checkbox is greyed out and I cannot select it...
I even deleted the pre-existing nodes, but it didn't change anything...
What is the solution?


Okay found it - I have created new user groups which is also not allowed if I want to retain ID. Not sure if it is a bug or not, as I don't understand the logic behind it.


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It's correct. In order to retain IDs, no additional content can be created before importing, including user groups. Otherwise, we may not be able to create the imported data without having an ID conflict.