resume in notifications of new post

I´m going to try to explain me, because my write english is too bad...

In my forum , when somebody anwser a post, if your are suscribed to it, you recive a mail with a notificatión of a new message in the post you are suscribed...

What I can do for recibed a mail with the complete answer or a little resume of the new message...?

I read a forums that could done...(xenforo of course)

Its possible that could be a new feature of the actualization?

Thanks so much and excuses for my english....


You'll need to edit the e-mail template watched_thread_reply_messagetext

try to replace the message {xen:raw $reply.messageHtml} with:

{xen:helper snippet, $reply.messageHtml, 50, {xen:array 'fromStart=1', 'stripQuote=1'}}