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I have Elastic Search (1.6) installed using the method at the top of this forum, on my test conversion of a VB3 board. Searching is very fast but I seem to be missing results. For instance a search for window globally returns 498 results, however if I only search a subset of the forum I get 1954 results returned, and if I select all the nodes (not the search all forums) then I get 1880 results (max results is set to 2000 while testing) Is this some sort of caching error? Is a search for a word saved for a while?

Even if I decrease the max number of results to return I never get the full amount returned for a search. I assume that is because some searches are discounted (deleted posts, etc) but if I was a user and saw a number that was 'odd' like that I would assume that was all the results, and therefore wouldn't try and improve my search terms.

If you search by relevance you get less (half?) results returned as you do for most recent is there a relevance cut off? Can that be adjusted?
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Do you have any add-ons that index additional content, such as conversations? Are there forums that you don't have access to view? The results need to be fetched and then filtered for permissions, so it's possible to get fewer than the maximum number of results.