XF 2.1 Restricting access to forum section


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I'm quite new to Xenforo and looking for some help with a forum that we have recently migrated from Vbulletin to Xenforo. We have a classifieds section on the forum where previously members could only post an ad if they had 100 posts on the forum already. This was to make sure only forum contributors could use it, and prevent people registering just so they could sell to members.
Is it possible to put a restriction like this on a forum section with Xenforo? Ideally we want to make it so that the classified section is visible, but you can only post an ad if you have 100 or more posts on the forum.
Any advice much appreciated!


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Remove the post new thread permission for the registered user group for that node, create a new user group with the permission allowed for that node, create a user group promotion to add members with 100 posts to that user group.