XF 1.5 Restrict User Home Page Field


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I can set custom user fields for permissions across groups. But I can't seem to find how to restrict built in fields like "Home Page" - which is an instant source of spam and one I wish to restrict and/or turn off. It would be nice if this could be done by user group too, but I don't see a specific setting for this and perhaps I missed it. Is there a control for this field?


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That field can't be controlled in the same way.

You could edit the template and use a user group conditional statement.


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There is the "edit profile" permission, which covers this and move, but it may be too wide ranging for your needs.


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@Mike - Thanks for pointing it out. And you're also exactly right in that it will probably be wide ranging. @Brogan - thanks for the suggestion. While that will technically work, I think I'm going to look into developing an addon this week to manage these fields by permission groups so that I don't have to worry about future user groups (and what could be a growing list of template edits.) Generally I'm locking off fields the other way around for areas which probably no one but an administrator or maybe a mod/supermod may be able to access.


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Actually there is an even a better solution using the custom fields. Best to exclude them and recreate as desired. Thanks guys.


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The homepage field is the main giveaway to identify spammers in new registration moderation. Half of the spammers has this filled in.

It would be useful if the default fields could be controlled easier. I will use a template edit like I have been doing on vb.
Replicating default fields has it's downsides.