XF 1.2 Restrict access to specific User group ?


I have created a new usergroup which is the only usergroup I want to have access to the forum.

I have also noticed that there is a usergroup named "Registered" which I did not create ?
I dont want any other usergroup other than "Forum and Audio" to be able to read/use the content inside the forum. I have set the permissions for the "Forum and Audio" usergroup, so they can start threads, reply etc...

Do I need to delete the "Registered" usergroup ?

And what can I do to shut out accidental visitors ? I dont want the forum to be readable for anyone else than the specific usergroup I mentioned earlier. At the meoment anyone that gets there can read it. How to limit it ?

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Well, I have Xenforo integrated with DAP membership software for exclusive rights to paid members only so I dont want any open registrations at all.
There is 40 people that have registered even though it isnt open yet. What usergroup are those in ?

I payed someone to integrate it and got an api key to insert with the correct usergroup number at the end.
This was the "Registered" usergroup which I later changed to the new usergroup I created.

I went through that link about permissions you gave me above but the following is disturbing for me:

"Set the Registered user group to the minimum permissions you want all members to have.
Set those permissions you want them to have to Allow, leave everything else at Not Set (No)"

I only want one usergroup and that is those who have paid, all others should have NO access whatsoever.
Isnt this possible with Xenforo...?

I am in a nightmare with this, to difficult and it seems so logical and simple but I cant get it to work. I took the time to ask in here and other places before choosing Xenforo and now I am stuck and I just cant configure this.
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Out of the box, XenForo does not support paid access on registration.
Only registered members can access user upgrades.

If you don't want people to register, disable registration.

Your custom add-on will then have to override that in the code.
Ok Brogan, I think I understand how it works now...
I think the solution will be to set the registered usergroup to no on everything.
Then the paid member will also have access to the new usergroup "Forum and Audio".

The member who have registered freely with the forum will not be able to do anything then.

So I probably need another separate dapxen api´s for the "registered" usergroup and one for this new usergroup I created.

I gave the membership in the membership software access to the "Forum and Audio" usergroup but I think it doesnt have access to the "Registered" usergroup


that is why I get an errror after I have logged in that I have no access ?

Because I must have access to the "Registered" usergroup also right ?
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