XF 2.1 restore deleted thread


Hello all

How i can restore a deleted thread from backup?
I have a live forum and a test forum...
I want to import the thread from test to live.
But i don't know how to export from sql a single thread


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Too bad it's so many posts. If you had just a few posts you could restore manually.

There's really no good way of restoring just one thread. Also consider any attachments by now would also be deleted.


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This would be a lot of work, but you could...

1. Backup the test forum
2. Delete all topics on the test forum except the one you want to restore to the live forum
3. Use the Xenforo importers to import the test forum into the live forum


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That last method sounds good although the thread that I lost has 10 pages of posts. Is it possible to restore the post's user names after that re-entry?

Otherwise, I have an entire backup restored on another domain, if there is a method of copying a thread from one domain to the other.