Fixed Ressource manager - Field 0 bug?



I am not able to delete my field with the ID 0 in Applications > Resource Fields.
I can delete every ID except 0.
If I want to delete this ID it shows me;

But also, if I want to create a field with ID 0:

Is there a way to delete the ID 0?
Thanks & best regards

The field exists and I can use it when creating a ressource. But I cannot delete it.


XenForo developer
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I believe there was a similar bug in user fields in the past, so this will likely require a code change. I'll move this to RM bugs for analysis.


XenForo developer
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As this issue is resolved in XFRM2, we'll consider this resolved. If this affects someone in 1.x on a production install, we can likely help via a ticket (though I doubt it will come up).