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Responsive design, news portal


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I'm thinking about switching from vB 3.6.12 + vBSEO to xenForo 1.2.0. I just went through a bunch of threads about this and it seems to be possible. Am I right?

Also, I have just created a demo-xenforo.com test forum and the default skin is not responsive. However the one at http://xenforo.com/community is. If a purchase xF will I get a responsive skin?

Finally, I believe there is no "portal" included in the 140$ bundle. I'm talking about something like this https://www.digitalpoint.com/. Is that some third party plugin? If so, which one is it?

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Yes, the demo is still be on 1.1. The responsive design is a new feature in 1.2.

No, there is no portal. Shawn's (DigitalPoint) is a custom one, but there are several portal add-ons available.