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Duplicate Responsive Bugs...

Discussion in 'Resolved Bug Reports' started by TeflonDon, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. TeflonDon

    TeflonDon Well-Known Member

    I'm using Dolphin browser on an Android. These issues just started happening today.

    Reply box is gone for me.

    If i try to reply to someone post:

    Someone else reported that they cant see any of the formatting options like bold, italics, underscore etc

    Also when i click on alerts instead of the little dropdown box opening up, it just takes me to the page. Same with inbox and everything else that normally opens up a pop up on the screen. Everything works as usual on Chrome browser.d
  2. Amaury

    Amaury Well-Known Member

    Your link doesn't work.
  3. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

  4. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

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