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XF 1.2 Responsive BG Image


Active member
Hey guys.

Ive got this background image im using for the header, it fits perfectly on my screen but not so good on a larger screen. Now, thats not the problem, i can fix that, the problem is when i do what i usually do;

background-size; 100%,100%




it fits his screen, but because i have it so it looks like its wrapping the text, it looks really out of place:

here is the bg image im trying to use:

Theme: Charm.

any advice?


Well-known member
I will help you if you convo me your domain. With things like this it makes sense for me to see it on your site for myself or I might work out a fix that does not apply to the situation and is irrelevant which would be a waste of time.

There is three ways you can go about it (off the top of my head) but I don't know which would apply so...if you are interested and can share the domain, convo me.